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Learn how you can use

The Ripple Effect Method

to get a constant stream of qualified leads, high-net-worth clients, and quality referrals…

… all without spending a single dollar on ads.

In fact, this exact method grew my revenue from $500/yr to $500,000/yr in just 4 years — without a large social media following… and exactly $0 in ad spend.
Want to know how? I’ll show you on my 90-minute webinar. Click on the button to sign up.

The Ripple Effect Method has also helped Singapore Financial Advisors, Realtors, Self-employed people, and Business owners…

  • Achieve MDRT in a year, and COT in the next
  • Get 1300% increase in organic leads
  • Double AUM to 8 figures in 12 months
  • Get $1,000,000 in commission in one year with organic leads alone
  • $60,000 of commissions in 1 month from organic leads
But don’t take my word for it. See their stories for yourself below.

What people are saying about the Ripple Effect Method:

The Ripple Effect Method helped me...

The bottom line is…

The Ripple Effect effortlessly allows doors to open, opportunities to stream in, and people to gravitate towards you — without needing a big following, and without needing to spend a dollar on ads. Interested? Click the button below to sign up for my webinar.

What exactly is


On my own journey, I reached out to the top 1% of Financial Advisors, Realtors, Self-employed people, and Business owners in Singapore to discover the secrets to their success.

And though they came from diverse backgrounds, they all shared one thing in common:

They each had a unique “Power Position” which created a ripple effect — one that allowed them to scale their business without hustling or constantly chasing for leads.

And as I practised these principles for myself and honed them into simple system with incredible result — what I call the Ripple Effect Method — I realized that I had discovered THE way of doing business, networking, and recruitment with flow —

All without the need for anxiousness, stress, or constant striving.

While I’ll go deeper into the details on my webinar, here are the 3 fundamental shifts that the 1% made that took them from striving business owner to top 1%:

Want to experience the hustle-free transformation that the Ripple Effect Method can bring your business? Click on the link below to sign up for my webinar.

Want to experience the hustle-free transformation that the Ripple Effect Method can bring your business? Click on the link below to sign up for my webinar.

My Story

Caleb Low

Here’s something I’m a little nervous about sharing. While I’ve seen my income rise from $500/yr to $500,000/yr in just 4 years, and have also noticed that:

  • My clients are the top 1% in income and influence who warmly welcome me into their inner circles where new business opportunities arise.
  • I’ve spent $0 on advertisement, do not have a large social media following, do not openly promote my service, yet have a constant stream of business
  • My voice is finally significant in my clients, allowing me to make a deep and meaningful impact on their lives…

The truth is… things did not begin that way.

In fact, I was 32 years old, and was struggling in my business. In 2 years, I had only brought in $1000 of revenue. I tried paid ads to generate leads, created a lot of social media content that no one paid attention to, and was often ignored during networking sessions.

Desperate to earn an income, I left entrepreneurship and looked for full-time employment. I had applied for jobs that paid as low as $2,300 per month…

But unfortunately, no one came back to me. And I had no choice but to carry on my business.

With no reputation, track record nor credibility to draw from, I had to find my Power Position where I could win in a saturated market.

And when I did, things finally started to change. I started to see opportunities flow:

  • In the first month, I sold out a paid public workshop.
  • In the next 2 months, I got 12 speaking and training engagements which allowed me to cross the 5-figure income mark.
  • And in the 3rd month, a Senior Advisor of The Alibaba Group reached out to me and opened up multiple 6-figure contracts into the China market.

Long story short? I believe that every individual has the ability to create a powerful Ripple Effect in their industry, where success is effortless & flows… without the constant hustle and force.

The Ripple Effect changed my life. The Ripple Effect has changed my clients’ lives. And hopefully one day, it will change yours too.

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